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My entire career, I had been harboring an idea to create a nameless, brand-less, achromatic trainer. My personal philosophy has always been to give people more than what they pay for, and for this project, I wanted to develop a product that could solely be appreciated for its premium quality. First, my idea needed a home. I decided to partner with one of my favorite retail stores in the world – Dover Street Market. I believed DSM would be a great fit for this project, as they cater to a clientele that cares about uniqueness and quality above all.
Creating a logo-less product is never easy. However, Puma has always been incredibly supportive of my judgment, and in turn, I feel I represent their brand correctly by taking that extra step. As I searched for a silhouette to properly display my idea, I was grasped by the XT-2. The XT-2 is a silhouette newly reintroduced to the marketplace, and holds a very rich history. It is also a silhouette not yet adopted by the masses, nor used for any prior collaboration, despite being so comfortable and so aesthetically pleasing. Once I was able to visually deconstruct the XT-2 of its mesh base and TPU components, I saw what to be an exceptionally clean trainer. That’s when my idea found a home. Both pairs of the Ronnie Fieg x Puma XT-2 – “Achromatic” will be available in limited numbers this Saturday, July 26th, at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St., Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at Both shoes will also be available in all 4 Dover Street Market stores around the globe.

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Powder slash on free skis

BWGH X PUMA FW14 XS-698 ’ madder brown ’ venerdì 11 Luglio | friday july 11 in store @sneakers76 + online size from us 7 eu 39 to us 12 eu 46 € 130 #puma #bwgh #xs698  (presso Sneakers 76)